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Complete Membership Solution

The membership solution includes everything you need to run and manage your membership business. Regardless of the type of membership, you typically need 4 components. Each component is customised to your requirements and can be as simple or complex as you need.

If needed we can also migrate data from existing data sources.


Once you take your membership online, you need it to housed somewhere. We are here to help with all that is needed to get online; domain registration, DNS setup, email setup, database building and hosting of your site domains and subdomains.

Public Facing

Before members sign-up to your online membership, they need a place to find out about your business. We can integrate into different payment gateways to collect fees and add members to your database.

Members Only Pages

You may have member only pages that members login to. Typically these pages are dynamic and the content is fed from the database. 

These pages offer members a place to manage their own membership, such as renewing membership, changing their details and passwords.

Admin Portal

The back office of the whole solution. Secure pages where you manage your membership and carry out the day to day tasks, such as mailshots, creating membership cards or other printed material.

Tasks can be automated reducing the manual workload, such sending renewal reminders and taking payments. 

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