CRM Solutions

online customer relationship manager

Keeping track of your customer interactions

hosted solution to manage customer relations

The CRM solution includes everything you need for CRM. The solution includes hosting of your own secure database and management portal. The tool is customised to your requirements and can be as simple or complex as you need.


Taking your CRM online has advantages over local installation. It is always available  so long as you can access the internet. Email mailboxes can be hosted with you database. Your data is automatically backed up each day.


Each business sector has their own terminology and data requirements. Our solution is customised to your own personal needs to get you up and running quickly without having to conform to a generic set of rules.


The reporting generator enables you to get the information from the solution that you need to track performance and important milestones.


CRM Solutions is used to track customer contacts such as phone calls, meetings and email. Email can be captured by forwarding an email to the CRM solution.

The solution enables you to email single or multiple contacts.

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