Our Story

behind the scenes at JCS

JCS IT Solutions

…started out as JacTec Consultancy Services in 1991. Originally based in London, the office moved to Surrey in 1992 and then after 26 years to a little village in West Sussex.

Jacqui started the company in 1991 as an IT training company, then in 1992, her husband Kevin joined her to develop the consultancy side of the business.

Their first client major client was SmithKline Beecham where Jacqui trained many of the secretarial staff in Mass 11. Kevin was then engaged to be part of the team that developed and implemented the first electronic filing of a pharmaceutical dossier in Europe and the US.

The business grew with the development of Lotus Notes applications which were used world wide for many years. The experience with these applications meant that when it was time to retire Lotus Notes, Kevin was engaged as the team to migrate data from Notes into Oracle (the preferred target DBMS).

Over the years Kevin and Jacqui have grown the business while maintaining a hands on approach to their business and helping companies in the UK, Europe and the USA reach their potential through IT.

Although there have been many changes in the industry over the years, the company’s main philosophy¬†has stood firm…

...working in partnership with our clients to make IT work for them